Hide your Thanksgiving leftovers inside 30 mins!!!

This couldn’t be shorter or sweeter….

In a stock pot I threw:

– olive oil as the pan heated on medium high

– chopped one medium onion and dumped it in the bottom

– half a serving bowl of leftover shredded turkey

– two heaping teaspoons of minced garlic….probably more like tablespoons 😮

– pulled out the bag of veggies….roughly chopped up the cauliflower, broccoli and celery

– sliced up four new carrots (There is no such thing as a leftover carrot in my house….someone will dip it in something and eat it)

– dug out one of those CHEAP paper cartons of chicken broth (32 oz) and dumped it in.


***Note to Self: cheap chicken broth has no taste….***

– grab a can of Swanson’s (14oz) I think….and add to the growing pot of veggies.

– about a tablespoon of some kind of poultry-friendly herb blend. I used Herbs de Provence

– Pour in 2-4 cups of water …..I can’t remember.

– Salt & Pepper to taste

Let simmer til carrots are crisp tender…………..OR “Granny grade” which ever you prefer.

Scooped into a large soup bowl with a butter bread teetering on the edge  is how we roll…but you can take it from here. 😀




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