It all started with sustainability on the brain and following that damn white rabbit again. 😮

October 14th I was driving home from taking my son to check-up thinking about how I can afford to buy fruit and nut trees for my little one acre garden project. The hubby calls it a farm even though I only have 4 chickens……He hasn’t seen nothin’ yet.

I’d been experimenting with wheatgrass at home…only because I like to grind my own flour, so I have the grain AND hell what’s all the big hub-bub about….its GRASS, PEOPLE!!!

Note: I am an EXTREME carb junkie and to top that off I love dairy products and sugar too…. so sue me. I’m NOT one of those masochistic health nuts that turn their noses up at REAL FOOD.

*** As I suck down my green smoothie from breakfast***

All joking aside, cheesecake or brownies and I’m yours…..

I know… I go cheap.

Oh, yeah….back to wheatgrass….
Driving: I figure “Hey maybe I can grow for ‘juicers’ and sell it on Craigslist or Alaskaslist, or something”. No biggie just a little side cash, save up and buy my trees, right??

So I get on the horn and call Acai Bowl in South Anchorage; a great little restaurant that my Hubby and I eat at on the regular. Specializing in the acai berry, they serve HUGE “bowls” filled with amazing fruit and nut combinations with all sorts of super healthy crunchy toppings….like granola, hemp seed and CHOCOLATE!! 😀 It’s really the only place we go for food in South Anchorage. LOVE IT!

Again…Back to wheatgrass….

So, I know they sell wheatgrass shots.

Looking to pick someone’s brain for a pricing ballpark, I happened to talk to Joe, one of the guy’s in charge… and might I say one of the two most positive people I’ve ever met! The other person happens to be the owner, CJ. They both are very uplifting spirits.

***Ok, so apparently I’m having an ‘OOooo, sparkly’ day***

Low and behold their wheatgrass guy has flaked out on them and they’re looking for a new vendor. Our conversation ended with both of us being super jazzed and me saying ” let me get my ‘ducks in a row’ and I’ll give you a call next week”

TA DA!!!

That was on a Friday, by Sunday I had four flats planted and my brain was in over drive!!

I couldn’t sleep.

Idea after idea just kept popping up like fish….in one of those fish wheel thingies.

AND…why yes, some of them stunk. ***he he he***

Usually the only way to stop, is to write it down, before I burn out everyone around me because I just won’t SHUT UP!!! 😀

***bouncy, bouncy, bouncy***

Seriously, ask my husband. Most of the time he just “ah hum’s” me until I find someone else to yap at.

***think small dog***

The following Tuesday I touched base again with Joe at Acai and confirmed a delivery for the end of the week. 😀 And that’s how it all started…so fast I barely had time to freak out.

Next step…I bought a business license.

***YAY! I’m official and flying by the seat of my pants.***

So if someday you see something with Plum Tree Gardens on it…

It’s me…It’s me!

Alaskan grown from birth…to business.

It’s been almost two months and I generate enough for pocket-money. It’s a start. I have my production and timing down, and now I’m starting to think about gathering a few more customers.

Of course…then there’s that fear of talking to people I don’t know. I even got a “D” in public speaking in college. I swear it was a sympathy grade just so I wouldn’t retake the class.

HELLO!!!! That should tell me something… I should con someone else into doing it!!!

The only reason I blog is cuz no body reads this. LOL 😀

In the shute next…”Now what the hell do I do with it?” a.k.a “Killing Jack”

4 responses to “I’m BAAAAAACK!!!!!

  1. Congrats on your new wheatgrass business and had a good chuckle reading your post! Way to funny!

  2. I find your humor infectious, and I appreciate it. Good luck on your business, please keep posting on how it is going.

    I love Alaska having spent several months at Fort Wainright while I was in the Army. I do not think I could be a full time resident but would love to visit again.

    The damn mosquitoes kill me! I feel like one of the caribou and want to run off a cliff to get away from the mosquitoes! Otherwise I loved Alaska. Why I chose to settle where I did, about same climate, but almost NO mosquitoes!

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