Do me a favor….learn to cook something.

As I see it, our economy is only going to recover once we’ve hit bottom and swim around in the muck for a bit. Considering we’re in a half gainer, with the ground is coming up fast, I worry. Most people seem to have blinders on and have turned off the news. I wonder, how do you breathe with your head in the sand?


This evening, between the beeps of the timer and reading a few SHTF blogs, again the thought tumbled back into my head, “What will we do with everyone else?” It frustrates me…


My husband and I disagree here, his solution…lots of ammo, mine…knowledge. If I have the knowledge then I can share.


Sometimes I have my moments of “prepare” panic…But I can only do what I can, no sense in worrying about it til later.


So, I learn. Experiment with something potentially useful…something simple…like pita bread.


Flour – olive oil – yeast – salt and water…REAL SIMPLE.


Its flat bread, you cannot screw it up! It doesn’t even require an oven, only a hot flat surface; say the hood of a burning car? **hee hee**

(insert flash of the Zombie Apocalypse here)


Speaking of things to cook on…

Are current pots and pans going to be useful when SHTF? I personally don’t think they’ll hold up to the inconsistent temperature fluctuations of natural flame. I’m thinking long term; you and your BOB bag are going to have to settle eventually, and when you do….then what? Find a use for Gramma’s old cast iron skillet collecting dust in your pantry. Pull it out, oil it up and practice. They’re nothing like cooking on Teflon or stainless steel AND they make the best bread pudding in the WORLD!


I can take my cast iron griddle, currently toasting those pitas in my oven, throw it over an open flame, and produce the same pita…crispy, golden brown and bubbly.


Serve it with a slab of squirrel and we’re GOOD!  Ok, maybe not squirrel, but you get my point.


I was discussing a bit of this with our boys while dunking grilled cheese in tomato soup the other night. ***Mom’s can have bad manners too, once and a while, when no one’s looking*** 😀


My middle son asks “Mom, why do you teach us how to cook?” and I replied, “Because when you grow up I don’t want you to starve to death.”


That got a big chuckle from the rugrats, but it’s the truth. If they know how to make a meal from basic ingredients, it’s CHEAPER now, and more adaptable in a future emergency.

Have fun.

–          I’m off like a crazy woman

2 responses to “Do me a favor….learn to cook something.

  1. I tend to agree with your husband’s idea of lots of ammo.

    However, I agree with your idea of learning to cook something that does not come out of the microwave. My grandmother taught me how to cook on cast iron over a camp fire. I make some mean pancakes on my cast iron gridle, and I am pretty good with any dead critter and flame.

    Squirrel ka-bobs is one of my favorite meals. Got the recipe from a Vietnamese friend for bamboo rat that works great for squirrel.

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