Yogurt begets yogurt

Extremely simple and you don’t even need a yogurt machine, although they do have heat cycles to promote optimum growth.

Using a newly opened carton of milk I’ve forgone the step of reheating the milk (yet again) to boiling and then letting it cool to 100*-110* F…It’s a pain in the a**.     I’ve forgotten a batch on the stove overnight (waiting for it to cool) more often than I’d like to admit 😀

Not to mention, technically, isn’t it more likely to collect bacteria while you wait for it to cool?

Therefore, I pull a sealed carton out of the fridge while I start making dinner and then after dinner is done and cleaned up…I remove the seal, add the culture from either a commercial starter OR a previous batch, mixy-mixy, ladle the milk into the cup, snap on lids…

…and put the yogurt on to “cook” overnight. I “cook” mine for a whole 24hours.

It’s is truly that simple.

As a result, I have Greek style yogurt for $0.71 per 7 oz cup.

This is our creation, the kids and I call it a Yogurt Sundae, it includes:

– One 7oz cup of the plain yogurt

-A handful of pecans, almonds or any one of your favorite nuts

-A tablespoon or two of milled flax seed (carried at Costco)

-A handful of frozen blueberries (not shown here cuz we were out :D)

-A drizzle of honey

That’s all folks!!

~Off like a crazy woman!!

2 responses to “Yogurt begets yogurt

  1. I still shudder at the thought of my father’s attempt at yogurt many years ago. Oh the horrors!

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