No, I’m not dead….


I’ve been a wee bit busy though.

In Alaska, when spring hits…’s “Go Time!!”

With 100 frost-free days you’ve got to be on the ball, come ‘Hell or High Water,’ OR ya might as well waddle your ass back into the cave because you’re destined to eat the truck-ripen produce at the store that has literally been sitting in the back for a month. Sorry.

From planting the garden in May, to fussing with it most of June, we make damn certain all the little plants get off to a good start. Finally!…The foundation for summer is can breathe for a minute. Enjoy.

In July, for the last two years I’ve traveled 200+ miles to fish for Sockeye Salmon. The most delicious, and sot after, of the salmon species. AND in Alaska, only residents get to catch them with a big ass net!! Yee haw! This year I spent 3 out of the 4 weekends on the Kenai peninsula. This is the first real bite of summer.

I really enjoy dip netting from the beach with the sun and the sand. In the end, my chest waders are full of water, I have sand in my hair and I’m slimed from head to toe, but I have a kick ass tan and a grin from ear to ear.

August is harvesting the garden, berry picking, purchasing extra produce to put up in the pantry. And a bit of time to relax before the push to the end.

September, if you’re not tracking a big ass moose 30 miles from the nearest road, you better be cleaning out the garden because snow is looming.

October to the end of the year, I’m trying desperately to slide through the Holidays without scalping anyone. So, I experiment in my kitchen and write…here with you. 😉

Gotta go!! Just stopped in for a minute!





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