Why bother with homemade toothpaste?

In a previous post I wrote about how simple it is to make homemade toothpaste.

But I neglected to explain WHY I feel its important to STOP using commercially prepared oral hygiene products. They ALL contain fluoride by the way, so does boxed fruit juices and a few other kid foods.

PLEASE take a moment to read the ENTIRE post.

As I’m researching this, I am SO glad we switched.

Lets start with Sodium Fluoride…

Sodium Fluoride in an inorganic chemical compound and it is toxic.

The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) lists it as a…..

Danger! Causes irritation and possible burns by all routes of exposure. May be fatal if swallowed. Contact with acids liberates toxic gas. May cause lung damage. Moisture sensitive.

Here is an article from 1996 regarding the toxicity of fluoride
and the most interesting reading, I think….if you can set aside the fact that they have been poisoning our kids with this s*** FOR YEARS!!

Ever wonder why our children have had such an increase in behavioral problems? Look at what scientific studies report about fluoride outside of the United States…..Here.

An article, Sodium Fluoride: The Obedience Drug, by Dr. Stephen Cooter describes, in detail, how the sodium fluoride is a by product of the aluminum industry and has neurological effects on the human brain….leading to ADHD.

From LiveStrong.com…fluoride in drink water causes BONE CANCER. Yay!

“Osteosarcoma Sodium fluoride in drinking water has been associated with the development of osteosarcoma, according to the American Cancer Society. Osteosarcoma is a cancer of the bones. This disease occurs when fluoride accumulates where bone growth is occurring. Sodium fluoride in the water may accelerate cell growth, and possibly increase the development of cancerous cells. However, more studies are needed to fully explore this potential side effect.”
Following along on the back of the tube of chemical paste. Please note that is the ONLY ingredient listed on the package IS sodium fluoride.

The next thing that caught my eye….a patent number….SO….I looked it up.

Patent Number 6740311

Most of the citations on the patent are “harmless” until you see the reference from Fox Chase Cancer Center regarding bioactive molecules??

What in the HELL are bio-active molecules and why do they have anything to do with TOOTHPASTE?? I do not know…but this is geek speak I can barely read.

Needless to say, after almost 3 hours of research, the chemical structure of “normal” toothpaste is beyond my comprehension.

Screw it!!

I quit….my brain is full. Thanks.

Just say NO to TOOTHPASTE!!

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