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The line in the sand…..

The line for many may be something entirely different, but here it starts with me. The wife. The mother. The individual. The customer.

Change STARTS at the bottom of the doggy pile. Although this can be applied to other aspects of my life, today, I am writing about food.

Recently, I was made aware of a great local price on market-ready hogs and I jumped on it. As always, folks were concerned with what they were fed, natural…organic.

Yada Yada Yada.

I understand the concern and am perfectly aware of the amount of chemicals our whole foods are exposed too….EVEN ORGANIC….

…but here’s how I look at it.

Living in Alaska, we are geographically isolated from the rest of the Lower 48 which means, if we want to EVER have any hope of having some sort of food security, we need to start here at home….first.

Buy Local FIRST!!!


Because of the simple fact that a customer has more influence over a farmer than someone that just stands back and whines about what they do and how they feed their livestock.

Once upon a time, you were eating meat off the shelf, so why the “high horse” now?

Are you really effecting the change needed, buying organic from a store who fights for 1-2% profit margin? Who is naturally going to look for the most inexpensive “organic” food to put on its shelves…..that are all owned by Pepsi Cola and General Mills as it is? As always…..FOLLOW. THE. MONEY!!!


From my perspective, it’s important to know your farmer. To know that the money you put in his hand goes directly home with him, to his family. You pay extra because he is not subsidized by Uncle Sam. You need to see the days when he and his boys are tired, but still “showing up” providing you with the best product they can, here and now. It’s MORE important that you support your neighbor….. Don’t you think? He has the knowledge to provide food for your family regardless of what the “world economy,” or lack thereof, looks like.

You need to help create a buyers market for your farmer. Most farmers are not salesmen, the are not business men, they may not even realize the importance of marketing, but a conscious consumer DOES. You’ve watched, read and researched….you know what you want and what others like you are buying. Hell, some of you are researching BETTER ways to feed livestock RIGHT NOW. The knowledge is out there. You need to help bring buyers back to the farm. It’s part of creating a sustainable community.

In the land of earthquakes, with an already damaged port, what would happen if the stars aligned and our main source of our imported food was cut off? “Off Line” for even a week, or a month while repairs were made?

Think about how that would effect you and your family?

Hell, look what happened when the software program for food stamps had a glitch, within hours the local shelves were empty. There is no three-day supply……three HOURS maybe.

Now think about what would happen if your meat was purchased locally? If your meat was never on the market shelves, if it was only farm-to-freezer?

It starts with a person.

A family.

A community.

…..THEN we can worry about everyone else.

~Off like a crazy woman.

P.S. I’ll be at our first year-round Farmers Market tonight…in Palmer, Alaska. Buying SOMETHING to put in a jar!!  😀



Killing the need for “Second Breakfast”

I started looking for alternative breakfast options in 2006 when it dawned on me that I was spending $4-5 on a big box of simple “healthy” cereal and it’d be GONE in days. THEN….the freakin’ size of the box shrunk!!

$16-20/wk on cereal….and let’s not get started on MILK!!

Boys have a tendency to go through the chow. I needed a change. I couldn’t possibly spend that much money on “two bags of groceries.” My first step was to go back good ol’ Mr. Quaker and it worked fine for a while. Back then it was less than $10 for a 3 lb box of rolled oats at Costco.

Over time, and a TON of my own research, started to understand more of the business practices of these corporations and how much GMOs truly effected our food supply. I was giving our money to businesses that I couldn’t ethically stand behind. That meant a lot to me, as I watched our economy struggle, small businesses struggle and other families struggle.

I became a more conscious of the food I was feeding to my children.

Our food system doesn’t have to be this way.So, I started looking for local sources of grains.

Alaskan grain is not genetically modified, it is naturally bred to thrive here. I purchase my barley and wheat from Delta and organic whole oats from Azure. Although my local grain may not be organic, the grower does not spray the crop with pesticides. It’s the best I can do for now.

The perks of making the effort to buy local? I can ask my questions directly to the grower, he delivers my grain to my house and it costs me around $0.50/lb. What could be better than that?? If we had an option for human-grade oats here, I wouldn’t have to purchase anything from out of state.

At this moment, I can buy organic whole oats for $1.40/lb (including shipping) from down south, until I find a better option…I’m ok with that.

I bake, I roll, I sprout… I do not have a problem running through my supply.

AND… family is less dependent on the fluctuations in the national food market.

😉 Happy Thursday.

A society of noise…..

I have difficultly with noise.

It was a blessing to move back out to the “country” after spending 10 years away. I forgot how quiet it can be. No constant traffic noise…Or ever present lamp light.  Now that I’ve lived out here for 5 years, I find the town I moved into with a population of 7,000, feels more and more like the 100, 000 in the surrounding area have invaded.

People are too busy to notice what is going on around them. Children chatter constantly not really saying anything; only to hear their own voices. Or they are mesmerized by a little flashy phone.

I am trying to teach my children something….new.

…too be quiet.

…to listen. watch

…and inevitability to learn.

How do you battle the society of drones?

Why bother with homemade toothpaste?

In a previous post I wrote about how simple it is to make homemade toothpaste.

But I neglected to explain WHY I feel its important to STOP using commercially prepared oral hygiene products. They ALL contain fluoride by the way, so does boxed fruit juices and a few other kid foods.

PLEASE take a moment to read the ENTIRE post.

As I’m researching this, I am SO glad we switched.

Lets start with Sodium Fluoride…

Sodium Fluoride in an inorganic chemical compound and it is toxic.

The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) lists it as a…..

Danger! Causes irritation and possible burns by all routes of exposure. May be fatal if swallowed. Contact with acids liberates toxic gas. May cause lung damage. Moisture sensitive.

Here is an article from 1996 regarding the toxicity of fluoride
and the most interesting reading, I think….if you can set aside the fact that they have been poisoning our kids with this s*** FOR YEARS!!

Ever wonder why our children have had such an increase in behavioral problems? Look at what scientific studies report about fluoride outside of the United States…..Here.

An article, Sodium Fluoride: The Obedience Drug, by Dr. Stephen Cooter describes, in detail, how the sodium fluoride is a by product of the aluminum industry and has neurological effects on the human brain….leading to ADHD.

From…fluoride in drink water causes BONE CANCER. Yay!

“Osteosarcoma Sodium fluoride in drinking water has been associated with the development of osteosarcoma, according to the American Cancer Society. Osteosarcoma is a cancer of the bones. This disease occurs when fluoride accumulates where bone growth is occurring. Sodium fluoride in the water may accelerate cell growth, and possibly increase the development of cancerous cells. However, more studies are needed to fully explore this potential side effect.”
Following along on the back of the tube of chemical paste. Please note that is the ONLY ingredient listed on the package IS sodium fluoride.

The next thing that caught my eye….a patent number….SO….I looked it up.

Patent Number 6740311

Most of the citations on the patent are “harmless” until you see the reference from Fox Chase Cancer Center regarding bioactive molecules??

What in the HELL are bio-active molecules and why do they have anything to do with TOOTHPASTE?? I do not know…but this is geek speak I can barely read.

Needless to say, after almost 3 hours of research, the chemical structure of “normal” toothpaste is beyond my comprehension.

Screw it!!

I quit….my brain is full. Thanks.

Just say NO to TOOTHPASTE!!

No, I’m not dead….


I’ve been a wee bit busy though.

In Alaska, when spring hits…’s “Go Time!!”

With 100 frost-free days you’ve got to be on the ball, come ‘Hell or High Water,’ OR ya might as well waddle your ass back into the cave because you’re destined to eat the truck-ripen produce at the store that has literally been sitting in the back for a month. Sorry.

From planting the garden in May, to fussing with it most of June, we make damn certain all the little plants get off to a good start. Finally!…The foundation for summer is can breathe for a minute. Enjoy.

In July, for the last two years I’ve traveled 200+ miles to fish for Sockeye Salmon. The most delicious, and sot after, of the salmon species. AND in Alaska, only residents get to catch them with a big ass net!! Yee haw! This year I spent 3 out of the 4 weekends on the Kenai peninsula. This is the first real bite of summer.

I really enjoy dip netting from the beach with the sun and the sand. In the end, my chest waders are full of water, I have sand in my hair and I’m slimed from head to toe, but I have a kick ass tan and a grin from ear to ear.

August is harvesting the garden, berry picking, purchasing extra produce to put up in the pantry. And a bit of time to relax before the push to the end.

September, if you’re not tracking a big ass moose 30 miles from the nearest road, you better be cleaning out the garden because snow is looming.

October to the end of the year, I’m trying desperately to slide through the Holidays without scalping anyone. So, I experiment in my kitchen and write…here with you. 😉

Gotta go!! Just stopped in for a minute!





This is a blog I follow. It freaks me out most of the time, but having my head in the sand is not an option.

Get educated!


A political website that contained stinging criticism of the Obama administration and its handling of the Fast and Furious scandal was ordered to be shut down by the Obama campaign’s ‘Truth Team’, according to private investigator Douglas Hagmann, who was told by ISP GoDaddy his site contained information that was “maliciously harmful to individuals in the government.”

Hagmann, CEO of Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc., a private investigative agency serving a roster of Fortune 500 clients, was given 48 hours by GoDaddy to find a new home for his website before it was deleted.

Hagmann was told the reason for the shutdown was because the website featured “morally objectionable” material… Hmmm guess that means too much inconvenient truth for Holder and Obama? After GoDaddy refused to identify the complainant, only saying that it was not “any official government agency,” further investigation by Hagmann revealed that the order came from a group…

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Is it time to throw the cellphone in the lake???


Some fun and strange old vehicles… but at least they didn’t spy on you (See information on the ‘Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act’  bill below)

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Your Car Set To Become Part of ‘The Internet of Things’

Transportation bill orders implementation of ‘Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication System’

by Paul Joseph Watson

A bill already passed by the Senate and set to be ratified by the House not only mandates black box tracking devices in all new cars, it also orders the deployment of ‘vehicle to infrastructure’ communication systems,

Your Car Set To Become Part of The Internet of Things driving carAlthough introduced and , Senate BIll 1813, entitled ‘Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act’ (MAP-21), is expected to be passed by the Republican-controlled House because of its numerous revenue generating provisions.

However, the bill is stuffed full of nightmare big government regulations, including empowering the IRS to revoke passports of accused tax delinquents as…

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