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Killing the need for “Second Breakfast”

I started looking for alternative breakfast options in 2006 when it dawned on me that I was spending $4-5 on a big box of simple “healthy” cereal and it’d be GONE in days. THEN….the freakin’ size of the box shrunk!!

$16-20/wk on cereal….and let’s not get started on MILK!!

Boys have a tendency to go through the chow. I needed a change. I couldn’t possibly spend that much money on “two bags of groceries.” My first step was to go back good ol’ Mr. Quaker and it worked fine for a while. Back then it was less than $10 for a 3 lb box of rolled oats at Costco.

Over time, and a TON of my own research, started to understand more of the business practices of these corporations and how much GMOs truly effected our food supply. I was giving our money to businesses that I couldn’t ethically stand behind. That meant a lot to me, as I watched our economy struggle, small businesses struggle and other families struggle.

I became a more conscious of the food I was feeding to my children.

Our food system doesn’t have to be this way.So, I started looking for local sources of grains.

Alaskan grain is not genetically modified, it is naturally bred to thrive here. I purchase my barley and wheat from Delta and organic whole oats from Azure. Although my local grain may not be organic, the grower does not spray the crop with pesticides. It’s the best I can do for now.

The perks of making the effort to buy local? I can ask my questions directly to the grower, he delivers my grain to my house and it costs me around $0.50/lb. What could be better than that?? If we had an option for human-grade oats here, I wouldn’t have to purchase anything from out of state.

At this moment, I can buy organic whole oats for $1.40/lb (including shipping) from down south, until I find a better option…I’m ok with that.

I bake, I roll, I sprout… I do not have a problem running through my supply.

AND… family is less dependent on the fluctuations in the national food market.

😉 Happy Thursday.