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Alaskan Grown Revolution began as an idea, transformed into a daydream and has since become a quiet mission, crafted by me, a girl born and raised in the Last Frontier. I have been an Alaska resident for 33 years and a Valley resident for 23 of those years.

Alaska is not only a wonderful place to live and raise a family, but if you’ve ever been here you know being “Alaskan” also speaks to the lifestyle you lead and the type of personal character you hold dear.

This blog blossomed from a family history of working with what you have, whether that is a little or a lot. Taking only what you need and leaving the rest to grow and prosper. Respecting Mother Nature for her often times forgiving, but sometimes deadly, ways. Lending a hand without second thought to a stranger in need. Working in our community to support and grow our beautiful small town of Palmer.

As a wife and mother, I watch the state of our country deteriorate and then hear our friends make cracks at me about being a “modern homesteader,” Betty Crocker or worse yet…MARTHA STEWART!  When I’m only doing what I’ve been taught by my mother…to stretch money the best way possible, give back to the community my time and talent, nourishing my family to avoid illness, plan for a rainy day and be mindful of a potential emergency situation.

The funny thing is generations had been doing just that for a 100 years and just NOW all you hear is the popular buzz phrases…. “Sustainable Living,” “Buy Local” “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,” “Community Organization” and  “Emergency Preparedness”? By now, unfortunately, we have missed educating the last two maybe three generations on the importance of being self-sufficient and sustainable community living. So now what…

Alaskan Grown Revolution

A place to share what I know, what I have tried, mistakes I have made, and epiphanies I have had. My mission is to help people learn to be more self-sufficient,  to grow  and support the concept of a  ” Community Supported Community,” not just agriculture…. to nurture their family with good food and still have a little something on hand when the lights go out.

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